Social Enterprise (SSE-Connect)

SSE- Connect is a service oriented social enterprise connecting the islands for growth and sustainable development through providing inland water transport service that is used by poor people in the different landing sites located in Kalangala district which idea was born through joint efforts of  KAFOPHAN and its partners RUSH FOUNDATION and Action aid based on strong goals and objectives of a social enterprise structure .

It provides a wide range of services including transport of passengers and limited cargo, access to markets and solves healthy challenges through connecting the island dwellers to health facilities. SSE- Connect under the aegis of KAFOPHAN provides a brand new and exciting day time comfortable and safe boat transport service that is viable, reliable ,safe ,timely and innovative with a remarkable water experience for segments like tourists and holiday revelers, cargo passengers, individual groups, traders and individual passengers, an in-service awareness initiative that deliver messages on HIV/AIDS through pre-recorded radio skits, leaflets sharing important messages on HIV/AIDS ,via business and social messages, expressed in writings, and pictures.

The social enterprise creates a surplus that is invested in activities of social nature such as distribution of public health materials, outreaches were general treatment, HIV tests, CD4 count, cancelling and HIV community sensitization, prevention, care and treatment are facilitated sustainably so as to enhance the level of economic activities and improve living standards via a healthy and productive workforce for a sustainable livelihood of the island communities.

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