Partnerships for households

Partnerships for livelihood

KAFOPHAN’s continued partnerships for livelihood with an aim of improving lives of people living with HIV in Kalangala district, we have partnered with Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) where our group members benefit from government programs in improving food basket in Kalangala. With this, lives of people living with HIV have improved through providing a variety of food items ranging from vegetables, fruits with an aim of improving food security at household level

Through partnerships, KAFOPHAN has provided the island community with maize milling services which has helped in value addition. Maize is of a higher nutrition value than cassava and sweet potatoes which were the widely grown food on the island. Maize production has been encouraged through sensitizing farmers and providing improved seed varieties. Farmers’ incomes have improved through the sale of maize which fetches a higher price which incomes are used to cater other household needs such as shelter, school fees among others.

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