VSLA (Village Savings and Loans Association)

Village Savings and Loans Association is a methodology where self-selected members form an association and save money, which is a source of loan capital from which they borrow. This has fitted well among poor vulnerable communities of Kalangala where banking services are far from communities. Saving culture has been very poor among island communities and fishermen were known for hand to mouth way of living. However through VSLA, members are encouraged to save borrow and develop their businesses. This has reduced vulnerability of People Living with HIV through economic strengthening of their capacities and coping abilities and socio economic security for which has provided members with IGA, business skill training, saving and borrowed capital. The VSLAs are turned into e-clubs where performance of members businesses is monitored closely through mentorship and training.

VSLA are also Reflection Action circles where community members assess their own situations, issues that affect them and propose way-forward using participatory techniques that has promoted bottom-up planning and providing avenues where communities can engage their leaders on key strategic issues.


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